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We're investigating reports of an issue in Argentina in which users may be unable to access some Microsoft 365 services or features. We'll be providing updates via, or if accessible, under MO249573 in the admin center.

We're investigating an issue in which users may be unable to access Microsoft 365 services and features. We'll provide additional information as soon as possible.

We're investigating reports of issues when accessing the Microsoft admin center for some admins. Additional information can be found at or via MO247834.

We've received reports that users in Canada may be unable to send and receive Microsoft Teams chat messages. We're investigating the issue and will provide additional information in the admin dashboard under TM246402.

We’re investigating an issue in EMEA where users may be unable to utilize multiple features within the Microsoft 365 services. This is a continuation of EX244931, EX244952, TM244945 and SP244939. For the remainder of this event, please follow MO244957 in the admin center.

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